Safely Remove Unwanted Trees With Our Tree Removal Services

Choose us for tree removal service in Hopewell Junction, Mount Kisco & Greenwich, NY

All it takes is one gust of wind to send a tree falling on your property. Protect your family and home by getting rid of dangerous trees ASAP. Call on Alpine Tree Service Inc. for tree removal service.

Our licensed arborists will inspect your tree to determine if it's a safety hazard. Then, we'll remove it to keep your property safe.

Reach out to our team in Hopewell Junction, NY to schedule tree removal service. We service the surrounding areas including Mount Kisco & Greenwich, NY and many more.

We'll go the extra mile to keep your property safe

Don't try to cut down a tree by yourself-you could end up hurting someone or damaging your home. We recommend hiring a professional team to handle your tree service. You can rest assured that our arborists will take precautions to ensure that your property isn't damaged.

If you need commercial or residential tree service in Hopewell Junction, Mount Kisco & Greenwich and the surrounding areas of NY, reach out to our team now

Maintain a beautiful outdoor space

Maybe only some of your tree branches are dead or dying. We also provide tree pruning. Pruning helps trees and shrubs to develop proper structure. Plus, it helps to maintain space between your greenery and other objects like your building. Does your space need a little extra maintenance? You can hire us to perform stump grinding, lot cleaning, tree cabling and tree bracing. We even have experience with commercial property and golf course tree maintenance.

Don't ignore your tree issues. Meet with a tree pruning pro from Alpine Tree Service based in Hopewell Junction, Mount Kisco & Greenwich, NY today.